Railway Sector

Theft deterrent Rail connectors, connection bond for railway applications

Rail cable connecting methods

We can provide a wide range of cable connecting methods, including pin brazing (silver brazing method), SafeBond® (a low temperature method for connecting rail bonds on sensitive hardened rails), SafePlug® (a drill plug system with silver technology), temporary rail bonds, and track circuit connections.

Rail cable connecting products

We also have a wide range of products for connecting rail cables, including:

*  Pin-brazing clips and spring steel clips for attaching cables to the rail
*  Catenary system accessories
*  Crimping tools, cable-cutting tools
*  Safety devices: signal horns, signal lamps, shunting devices, TCOD
*  Unique trolleys, called RailScooter and LoadScooter, for easy transportation       along tracks
*  Work tents and welding tents
*  Rail measuring instruments
*  Rail and switch heating products
*  Gas-bottle heating blankets
*  Track tools: rail drills and impact wrenches

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